Easy, Fast, & Reliable Order Management

SEGUE is an order management application providing tremendous operational efficiencies. Uniquely designed for the review, prioritization, qualification, and pre-approval of post-acute care orders.

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Step off the Struggle Bus

…and onto SEGUE.
Chaotic Orders

Inefficient Order Management

Juggling multiple platforms for order tracking, eligibility checks, and product management? Say goodbye to that chaos with SEGUE.

Chaotic Orders

Paperwork Overload

Feel like you’re drowning in a sea of disorganized orders and endless paperwork? SEGUE is your lifeboat.

Chaotic Orders

Efficiency is a Necessity

In an era where precision and efficiency are not just buzzwords but necessities, SEGUE offers a tailored solution that elevates your order management to the next level.

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Transparent Order Visibility

SEGUE offers a one-stop solution for tracking orders, from gathering essential details to initiating delivery, all before sending the order to your preferred billing system.

Streamlines Order Tracking
Simplifies Eligibility Checks
Centralizes Product Management

Complete Order Reconciliation

Our system filters out incomplete and unbillable orders, ensuring that only accurate, billable transactions make it to your billing system for processing.

Improves Order Accuracy
Reduces Held Revenue
Ensures Billable Transactions are Processed
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A Step Beyond Traditional Ordering Platforms

Combining order and logistical elements, SEGUE excels in managing orders for specialized products designed for post-acute care and services with limited procedure codes, whether they’re dispensed bedside or shipped directly to the patient in post-acute care settings.

Tailored for Niche Products
Enables Bedside Dispensing
Optimizes Post-Acute Order Management

The Power of

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Say Goodbye to System Toggling

We offer a single point of order visibility and processing. This reduces the need for toggling between systems/processes.

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360 Degrees of Order Visibility
Order Fulfillment, Reconciliation, Procurement
Ensure Complete, Clean Orders

Say Hello to Realtime Order Status

Our realtime order status updates reduce calls and questions related to order receipt and fulfillment status.

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Realtime Order Status
Reduce the Influx of Calls
Peace of Mind for Your Patients

Leverage Your Partners

Access integrated fulfillment for onsite (consignment) product delivery and patient drop-ship. SEGUE is connected to Valere’s platform so you can maximize your distribution partnerships.

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Connected to Valere Health
Integrated Fulfillment
Maximize Your Partnerships

Seamless Connectivity

Experience seamless, single-point connectivity to all ancillary and third party services connected to the Valere Health platform.

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E-Prescribing & Electronic Orders
Distribution & PCM
RPM & more...

Your 3-Part Plan for Peace of Mind with SEGUE

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Book a Demo

Take the first step by scheduling a personalized demo. Witness firsthand how SEGUE can revolutionize your order management.

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Customize Your Solution

After the demo, work with our experts to tailor SEGUE to your specific needs. We’ll ensure it fits like a glove—or a highly-efficient algorithm.

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Launch and Thrive

Once customized, launch SEGUE into your workflow. Rest easy knowing you’ve got a streamlined, efficient system that grows with you.

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