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Bringing Healthcare Together

We are on a mission to bring healthcare together. Join the interoperability ecosystem that simplifies connectivity, optimizes workflow, and energizes innovation.

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Your Connectivity is Weighing You Down

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It’s Restricting

Scalability is slow and impossible. Forcing you to be stuck with poor partners, and imposes high risks for bringing on new ones.

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The Costs Keep Piling Up

Every connection introduces a separate and unique problem, costing hours of manpower to create. The consequence is a growing expense to maintain the complex web of restrictive connections.

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It’s Too Complex

Constantly at war with connectivity, the multitude of point-to-point connections is time-consuming to manage and a headache to update and maintain.


What if your connectivity was unrestricted, easy to manage, and scalable?

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Unrestricted Connectivity

Eliminate the need for standardization. Just plug into our platform and enjoy secure and unrestricted connectivity.

Bring your own connection, code, or protocols, we’ll handle the rest.

No Standardization Needed
Just plug in! It’s that easy!
Bring Your Own Code Model

Leverage and Activate Your Data

Leverage: We are not just an information exchange; we are a utility that makes data useful and scalable. Pay for what you use and scale up or down as needed.

Activate: Mobilize and automate data entry to improve your workflows, reduce your costs, and access new opportunities.

We Make Data Useful and Scalable
Pay Only for What You Use
Automate Your Data Entry
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Do More with Less

Never be held back by the burden of connectivity again.

We are an open platform connecting you to the best services, providers, and apps for your needs. This enables you to do more with less, expands your opportunities, and unleashes your innovation potential.

100% Open Platform
Expand Your Opportunities Seamlessly
Unleash Your Innovation!
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100% Secure

We use advanced encryption techniques to protect healthcare data at rest and in transit, ensuring that only authorized parties can access it. Instead of security being a burden on your team, experience a streamlined approach to secure data.
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Calculate Your Savings when You Adopt Valere!

Use our online calculator to instantly see what your current connectivity costs are. Then compare it side-by-side to what it looks like when you switch to Valere.

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How to Get Started with Valere

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Book a Consultation

Fill out the form below and our connectivity experts will reach out to book a consultation with you and your team.

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Connectivity Analysis

We will analyze your connectivity setup and provide a plan and workflows to transition you to our platform.

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Connect and Innovate

Once connected, you see instant cost savings and experience innovation at rapid scale.