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Our platforms increase patient and provider engagement and satisfaction, while improving health outcomes via transparent and insightful access to a broad, open network of healthcare professionals and ancillary service providers across the entire post-acute care spectrum. Our post-discharge, follow-up services increase patients’ well-being and self-care, and improve health outcomes as we help them adhere to care management plans and treatment protocols.


Payers and self-insured organizations alike appreciate our transparent care coordination, management and treatment plans that deliver improved patient and provider adherence to treatment protocols, patient education, coaching, and ongoing care monitoring and support.

Health Systems

Hospitals are constantly seeking new, effective ways to increase patient satisfaction and engagement while improving quality and compliance scores.

Our open, flexible suite of products and services not only improves these results but provides transparent visibility into ongoing patient care coordination, provider selection, and treatment adherence after discharge. Our open, seamless approach to the delivery of end-to-end care coordination solutions and services reduces hospitals’ administrative burdens, expedites patient discharges, shortens patient length of stays, and significantly decreases unnecessary, avoidable (re)admissions.

Healthcare Professionals

Tired of the inefficient, unreliable system of incomplete referrals to providers causing never-ending phone calls, faxes, and disruptive office and clinic visits attempting to collect complex medical order documentation required for the continuity of your patients’ care?

Valere’s open platforms provide transparency and insight into the selection of quality and performance-based providers for patients’ post-acute care services and medical products. We provide real-time visibility to patient care coordination and care management plans, supported by our bi-directional eOrdering solutions enabling rapid creation and transmission of complete, compliant medical orders directly to your and your patients’ choice of providers. Additionally, our solutions enable post-acute providers to create and transmit “renewal” medical orders often required for providers to continue providing post-acute care services and medical products.

Our eOrdering solutions cover in-home comprehensive care services and medical products — including but not limited to a wide array of post-acute care needs such as HME/DME, infusion therapy, PT/OT/ST, and home health needs. Our seamless coordination of patients’ post-acute care needs is supported by Valere’s open platforms and a suite of solutions and services – all driving a paradigm shift in the delivery of quality and performance-based care.

Post-Acute Care Network

In direct contrast to incomplete, inefficient care “referrals,” our open eOrdering solutions and national network of post-acute care providers cover the full spectrum of in-home, comprehensive care services and medical product/supplies needs such as HME/DME; Infusion Therapies; Physical/Occupational/Speech Therapies; and Home Health and Home Care Services, to name a few…

Valere’s truly industry neutral position (and conflict-free ownership) ensures your organization’s efforts to drive your valuable referral accounts’ adoption and use of our eOrdering solutions are protected and respected. Your organization will no longer run the risk of your existing and new referral accounts’ orders being redirected or steered to other competing providers — as may often occur in some other solutions’ proprietary, closed or inappropriately-influenced provider networks. So, introduce your referral accounts to Valere’s eOrdering solutions with complete confidence and with trust — as well as the comforting knowledge your organization’s hard work in helping drive your referral accounts’ adoption of our eOrdering solutions will never be shared with other competitive providers.

Providers across the post-acute care continuum now can both: (1) receive complete, compliant medical orders for all patient post-acute care needs ready to immediately “fill and bill” for patients without delay, and (2) transmit medical orders and customized documents for treating healthcare professionals’ completion, e-signature, and rapid return for faster and continued, uninterrupted delivery of care. By eliminating care referrals, our eOrdering solutions enable our network of post-acute care providers to deliver a higher standard and speed of care, increase patient engagement and satisfaction, and improve health outcomes.

Our bi-directional eOrdering connectivity with your referral accounts saves your organization up to 35% of reimbursement claim revenue typically wasted on administrative, operational and sales expense previously spent on phone calls, faxing and the paper chase continuing to disrupt your business and continuity of patient care. Our eOrdering solutions are accessible within over 150 EHRs nationwide and via web portal — enabling both healthcare professionals and providers to connect directly to quickly and thoroughly initiate, complete and transmit/receive more timely, complete, and compliant medical orders.

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Our simple, open platform connects seamlessly to improve workflows and introduces access to new opportunities while reducing connectivity costs.

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